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EYESIS Dry Eye lesson(second)

2021-09-05 Dry eye

What are the causes of dry eye?

Staying up late brushing your mobile phone?

Overtime till morning?

Chronic diseases of the elderly?

still long time driving?

Abuse of eyedrops?

EYESIS Dry Eye lesson(second)

In fact, the above are basically the pathogenic factors of dry eye. At present, changes in people's daily habits have also led to an increase in the incidence rate of dry eyes in China. The use of air conditioners, mobile phones and other video terminals, and the aging population have greatly increased the number of dry eye patients.

In addition, the clinical symptoms of children's dry eyes are also very different from those of adults, most of which are chalazion. In the early years, because children were extremely sensitive to antibiotics and other drugs, parents who gave priority to safety often chose physical therapy such as hot compress for their children. Nowadays, the light pulse thermal conductivity of the EYESIS intense pulse light meibomian gland dysfunction therapeutic instrument is not only far better than the effect of hot compress, but also has higher safety for children's clinical treatment, which is more convenient and fast.

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