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EYESIS Dry Eye lesson(third)

2021-09-16 Dry eye

EYESIS Dry Eye lesson(third)

Spring is coming, and everything is reviving!

Allergic conjunctivitis also follows.

According to medical reports, spring is the season of high incidence of allergic conjunctivitis. Eye itching, foreign body sensation and increased secretion are the main symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis.

How to solve such symptoms professionally? The video will give better answers.

EYESIS Dry Eye lesson(third)

In addition, allergic conjunctivitis can lead to the occurrence of inflammatory factors, destroy the stability of tear film and cause corneal damage to form dry eye disease. Solving allergic conjunctivitis alone will not improve dry eye symptoms, and further treatment should be taken for ocular surface problems.

EYESIS intense pulsed light tarsal gland dysfunction therapeutic instrument can help alleviate the inflammation of the eyelid margin, conjunctival congestion and improve the stability of the tear film by inhibiting the expression of inflammatory factors. Simple treatment for several times can help alleviate the symptoms of itchy eyes, dryness and increased secretion caused by allergic conjunctivitis. Combined with drug treatment, the effect is better!

The details can be found in the Eyes Dry Eye Class (the third video). Click here to play it.