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Therapeutic apparatus for MGD

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Registration Certificate No: 晋械注准20192090054

Scope of application: It is applicable to the treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) caused by vascular dysplasia, Demodex, inflammation and other reasons.

Recommended course of treatment: 4-5 times of treatment, with an interval of 7 days. Before and after treatment, ophthalmologists check the situation and arrange follow-up treatment.


1. Pregnant women.

2. Failure to cooperate with treatment during the onset of mental illness.

3, wearing a pacemaker or cardiac defibrillator device, diabetic patients.

4. Patients with skin history, precancerous lesions and skin cancer.

5. People who have been allergic to sunlight in the past and are undergoing photosensitive treatment.

6. Patients with special sites, including moles, flat warts or incurable wounds.

7. Damaged, burned or infected skin.

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Close TV to play computer, and close computers to play mobile phone. Smart electronic devices not only bring people a sense of dependence,become screen slaves, but also make dry eye become a high incidence rate of 32% computer disease with a yearly rate of 10%. How to cure dry eye effectively and safely has become one of the most concerned problems in ophthalmology.

Dry eye is a kind of ocular surface disease with tear film instability and clinical symptoms such as dryness, foreign body, burning, fatigue, vision fluctuation and so on. Although there are many treatment methods, such as artificial tears, antibiotics, wet room mirror, lacrimal dot embolism, the effect is always unsatisfactory. In 2003, toyos etc found that after intense pulsed light IPL treatment, the dry eye symptoms of patients with facial rosacea were improved.

In the subsequent 30-month retrospective study, it was confirmed that 78 dry eye patients with unsatisfactory effect of traditional dry eye treatment prolonged tear film rupture time, improved eyelid margin morphology and improved patient satisfaction after receiving intense pulsed light IPL treatment. Since then, intense pulsed light (IPL) has become a new and popular means of dry eye treatment.


However, the design and application of intense pulsed light IPL belong to the category of beauty products, that is, common photon rejuvenation. Its action part is mainly facial skin, but dry eye treatment is eye skin. Because the eye skin is one third thinner than the facial skin, if stimulated with the same high-energy light, the eye skin is more sensitive and fragile than the facial skin, more vulnerable to damage, and I am more likely to feel pain. Sometimes even skin smear gel on the face can feel pain, severe swelling and erythema.

Therefore, the development of a special therapeutic instrument for dry eye treatment has become the main goal of Medison researchers. On the basis of fully studying the action mechanism of IPL on dry eye, the Sino French cooperative R & D team and clinical experts of Medicin (Tianjin) company have developed the fourth generation IPL technology through years of research, that is, multiple optimal pulse technology (MOPT). The dry eye therapeutic instrument using this technology is named eyesIs (eye + oasis) 。


The feature of eyesIs is that it summarizes the shortcomings in the use of the first, second and third generation IPL equipment and makes targeted improvements. For example, the e-eye therapeutic instrument using the third generation IPL technology needs to be charged but can not be emitted continuously, the handle fan noise is as high as 80 dB, and the maximum 35j super energy of the beauty equipment is easy to cause eye damage. These shortcomings have been overcome one by one. At the same time, multiple optimization adjustments are made to the light pulse, more pulses with different energy are added, and the energy density and thermal relaxation time of strong pulse light are more accurately controlled, so that the comfort and treatment effect are doubled simultaneously.

The fourth generation of multiple optimized intense pulsed light technology MOPT only uses 5 spot dots under the condition of ensuring the effect of dry eye treatment, which is the least dot design for dry eye treatment at present. With the use of optocoupler gel, patients not only have a quick treatment time (less than 2 minutes of treatment), and basically have no pain. In contrast, the IPL technology of intense pulse light used in beauty instrument often needs 20-30 times. Patients are easy to feel obvious pain, and surface anesthesia is often given at this time. In addition, for a long time, patients with fear of pain are prone to psychological instability.

Recently, the State Food and drug administration has expressly standardized the intense pulsed light technology. Only the intense pulsed light instrument with meibomian gland dysfunction MGD and dry eye indications can be used for the treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction and dry eye in ophthalmology. Medecin eyesIs is the only professional ophthalmic therapeutic instrument specifically aimed at the treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction by the food and drug administration. It is registered by the food and drug administration to be applicable to the treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) caused by vascular dysplasia, peristalsis, inflammation and other reasons.


So far, authoritative ophthalmic units such as Beijing Tongren, Beijing Medical University, Tianyi University and Xi'an first hospital have introduced Medecin eyesIs dry eye therapeutic instrument. In thousands of treatment cases, the effect is very significant, and many authoritative ophthalmic experts give high evaluation. For example, Zhao Shaozhen, President of ophthalmic hospital of Tianjin Medical University, said, They have been using Medecin eyesIs dry eye therapeutic instrument since 19 years. So far, the therapeutic effect and safety are very satisfactory. Professor Li Xuemin of the Third Hospital of Peking University said that the eyesIs dry eye therapeutic instrument is the only 10 pulse strong pulse light dry eye therapeutic instrument at present, which has good safety. For the patient's symptoms and signs, whether it is but, shirmer, tears and height, there is a good recovery.

In addition, Medecin has cooperated with Beijing Tongren Hospital and the eye hospital of Tianjin Medical University to establish a dry eye training center, and regularly set up dry eye outpatient training camps all over the country to train professionals for the construction of dry eye outpatient clinics. All ophthalmic colleagues are welcome to sign up.