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EYESIS Dry Eye lesson(first)

2021-09-01 Dry eye

When you have the following symptoms

1、Staying up late with dry eyes

2、Troubles of traveling with tears in the wind

3、Blurred vision, frequent itching and pain

3、Sensitivity of red silk foreign body in both eyes

EYESIS Dry Eye lesson(first)

Then, you are most likely suffering from dry eye disease. According to medical statistics, the incidence rate of dry eye in China is as high as 21~30%, and the main affected population includes middle-aged and elderly people, white-collar workers and business travelers, and people with systemic immune system diseases. Among them, the incidence rate of dry eyes in women is higher than that in men. The main reasons for dry eyes include the use of mobile phones, computers and other video terminals, the greatly reduced air humidity in air-conditioned rooms, and refractive myopia surgery. Therefore, once dry eye is found, the patient and the doctor need to actively communicate to confirm the main cause of dry eye, and then treat symptomatically. For example, dry eyes caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) can be treated effectively by EYESIS.

With regard to the above contents, EYESIS Dry Eye Lesson (first) gave us a detailed explanation. Click here to play the video.