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Zhangjiakou Fourth Hospital introduced EYESIS dry eye therapeutic instrument

2022-09-16 News


If you want to do your job well, you must first sharpen your tools. Beijing Tongren Hospital Zhangjiakou Cooperative Hospital and Zhangjiakou No.4 Hospital (the former Zhangjiakou Eye Hospital) introduced MDC EYESIS intense pulsed light dry eye treatment instrument, which opened a new chapter for the local dry eye treatment level. The EYESIS intense pulsed light dry eye therapeutic instrument adopts the fourth generation MOPT (multiple optimized pulsed light) technology, which is leading in the international level. It has the characteristics of obvious effect, comfort and safety, and is suitable for MGD (tarsal gland dysfunction), blepharitis, demodex and other ocular surface diseases. In particular, it has a dedicated energy operation range for children, which is suitable for the clinical treatment of children's chalazion and wheat granuloma, These performance features will provide ophthalmologists with more treatment options.


Zhangjiakou Eye Hospital

Zhangjiakou No.4 Hospital (Zhangjiakou Eye Hospital) was established in 1958. It integrates medical treatment, scientific research, teaching and is a municipal secondary hospital focusing on ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, medical plastic surgery and optometry. In August 2001, the ophthalmology department of the hospital was awarded the title of "Provincial Medical Key Development Discipline" by the former Health Department of Hebei Province. In the context of the integrated and coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the Fourth Hospital, taking advantage of the favorable opportunity of coordinated development, actively implemented the Framework Agreement on the Coordinated Development of Health Care of Beijing Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, Hebei Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and Zhangjiakou Municipal People's Government, and became the "Beijing Tongren Hospital Zhangjiakou Cooperative Hospital". Relying on the advantages of medical technology and management of Beijing Tongren Hospital, independent secondary professional departments such as keratology department and ocular trauma department were newly established, with experts from Tongren Hospital serving as the department directors, to help improve the level of medical technology, service and management, continue to improve the clinical service ability, and strive to build the Fourth Hospital into a regional ophthalmology diagnosis and treatment center in the border area of Shanxi, Hebei and Inner Mongolia, serving the majority of patients.


Zhangjiakou No.4 Hospital

Due to people's heavy dependence on electronic products and the impact of living and working environment, the dry eye incidence rate has increased at a rate of 10% year by year, and has brought huge demand for diagnosis and treatment to ophthalmic hospitals around the country. In order to provide patients with convenient, fast, safe and effective dry eye treatment services, the dry eye diagnosis and treatment center of Zhangjiakou Fourth Hospital specially introduced the fourth generation MOPT MDC EYESIS intense pulsed light dry eye treatment instrument.




In the past, traditional hot compress and hot fumigation were mainly used for dry eye treatment. As a new type of physical therapy recognized by the ophthalmology industry, the blink temperature of EYESIS intense pulsed light dry eye therapeutic instrument can meet the needs of dry eye treatment, such as liquefaction of solid eyelid fat and elimination of demodex, so as to achieve the clinical effect of eliminating inflammation, restoring eyelid fat secretion and tear film stability. At the same time, the EYESIS therapeutic instrument is fast and effective, which not only reduces the burden of hospital workers, but also saves time and energy costs for patients.


So far, with its excellent performance, especially for all age patients including children, teenagers and adults, the MEDICINE EYESIS intense pulse light dry eye therapeutic instrument has become the key promotion technology of the National Health Commission, and the main equipment favored by dry eye clinics in various regions. Since its listing in 19 years, more than 400 eye hospitals and institutions have introduced EYESIS equipment. This settlement in Zhangjiakou No.4 Hospital not only becomes the main physical therapy method of dry eye outpatient service in the hospital, but also provides reference and assistance for the construction and development of dry eye outpatient service in the border area of Shanxi, Hebei and Inner Mongolia.