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Liquid Crystal Glasses for amblyopia

Product features:

Registration Certificate No:晋并械备20190024号

Model and specification: RI type, 135mm long, 135mm wide and 36mm high

Scope of application: monocular covering, strabismus,covering by optical principle to assist ophthalmic treatment.

matters needing attention:

The non-contact monocular mask should be used under the guidance of professional ophthalmologists.

Avoid non-contact monocular lens contact with water.

Avoid using non-contact monocular cover lenses when it rains.

Keep away from ignition sources or any environment that may cause electric shock.

Avoid throwing or heavy pressure, which will cause the lens to break.

Please clean the non-contact monocular cover lens carefully.

Keep away from magnetic field environment.

Do not use non-contact monocular cover glasses during strenuous activities such as playing ball, cycling, etc.

Non contact monocular cover glasses cannot be used as sunglasses.

Mode setting:

Press the mode conversion key to select different masking time modes. Time error ± 1s. The duration of the obscured state and the transparent state of the obscured glasses can be changed within a period of 60 seconds. This can prevent healthy eyes from reverse amblyopia. The factory setting of non-contact monocular masking mirror is 20 seconds masking and 40 seconds transparency. Time error ± 2S.

*After selecting the working lens and shielding time, the glasses will automatically remember this state. After the power is turned off, the glasses will still be in the working mode before the power is turned off.

Product details

Amblyopia is a typical developmental eye disease in children. According to the relevant statistics, the incidence rate is about 3% in China, about 12 million in children with amblyopia, and 30 million of adults with amblyopia due to delayed treatment and failure to treat. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of amblyopia must comply with the principle of "three early", that is, early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment.

The clinical feature of amblyopia is a functional eye disease in which the corrected visual acuity is lower than the visual acuity corresponding to the development period without organic diseases in the eye (2010, ophthalmology branch of Chinese Medical Association). In short, children can't see clearly even when they wear glasses, which is commonly known as "blind". So why can't children see clearly with glasses?

We know that, like height, vision improves gradually with age. Newborn babies can see objects about 1 meter (3 feet) away in front of them in the first month; At the age of 1, the baby's vision reaches 0.2-0.3; At the age of 3, the visual acuity was about 0.6; At the age of 5-7, the visual acuity is about 1.0-1.2, and children's visual acuity begins to become stereotyped. However, when there are some problems in children's eyes, such as strabismus, hyperopia, astigmatism, cataract, etc., these problems will inhibit children's visual development and lead to children's visual retardation. For example, the normal visual acuity of a 4-year-old child should be 0.8, but a child with high hyperopia amblyopia may only see 0.2 when wearing glasses.

For the pathogenesis and harm of amblyopia, medical researchers have been in-depth research. In 1713, Le cat first accurately described the clinical symptoms of amblyopia. By 1962, neuroscientists Wiesel and Hubel clearly confirmed that amblyopia was not an eye problem, but a brain functional disease with damage to the visual center of the brain. The visual center of the brain is mainly responsible for processing a variety of visual functions such as color vision, form vision and stereopsis. Once damaged, it will damage the advanced visual function, making the visual image in the eyes blurred and fragmented. In other words, amblyopia will not only reduce vision, but also damage a variety of visual functions, such as contrast sensitivity, position sharpness, stereo vision, motion perception and so on.

These studies remind doctors and optometrists that children's amblyopia treatment is not only to restore vision, but also to restore a series of brain visual functions such as binocular fusion and stereopsis.

For the treatment of amblyopia, Buffon first proposed patching as early as 1742 to treat children's amblyopia. Today, more than 270 years later, the covering method based on the principle of "use in and waste out" is still the main method for the treatment of children's amblyopia in various countries. However, with the development of science and technology, the covering appliances have changed accordingly.

The earliest cover was to fix an opaque cloth on the glasses. Because of its high cost performance, it is still used today.

Atropine suppression. When children's compliance is poor, drop atropine on the good eye, so that the good eye can't see clearly, and force amblyopic children to see things with the bad eye. However, this method is more troublesome and few parents choose.

Bangerter. You need to confirm your child's vision first, and then customize the suppression film for different vision. The disadvantage is that once the eyesight changes, it can only be thrown away and can not be used. For children who are in the developmental stage and have frequent changes in vision, plasticity is poor.


At present, the black technology product of amblyopia cover is electronic LCD amblyopia cover glasses. As a leader in amblyopia research, China and the United States have similar products in research, development and sales.



As a black technology product for covering and treating amblyopia, electronic liquid crystal amblyopia covering glasses are characterized by:

1、 "Electronic program + LCD" "Let the covering time be timed and quantitative! The LCD lens with the latest technology and the electronic program are used to accurately control the opening, closing and covering time. It has a unique automatic time-sharing covering mode, which is not available in the traditional methods such as covering cloth and suppression film. At the same time, it can cooperate with manual training and software training to realize training tracking management.

2、 Refuse pirate eyes and Cyclops! Relevant research shows that the vast majority of amblyopia children think that this kind of electronic liquid crystal cover glasses is novel, fashionable to wear, and are willing to accept electronic liquid crystal glasses for cover treatment. It can be said that the introduction of electronic liquid crystal technology has solved the biggest disadvantage of cover treatment - children's psychological disorder. You know, the vast majority of children's amblyopia treatment Failure cases are caused by poor compliance!

3、 Electronic automatic time-sharing masking technology not only has the same amblyopia treatment effect as masking cloth and suppression film, and improves children's vision, but also improves children's binocular fusion stereopsis function, plays the effect of preventing and treating strabismus, and realizes the functional expansion of masking method.