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MDC electronic liquid crystal covering amblyopia treatment glasses (LCG)

2022-01-06 Amblyopia

As we all know, amblyopia is the most common developmental eye disease in children, with an incidence of about 3% in China. Basically, three or four out of a hundred children are amblyopic. In the treatment of these amblyopic children, the most common treatment is covering. The principle of amblyopia covering is easy to understand, that is, "use in and use out". Cover good eyes and force poor eyes to promote their rapid development. But in practical application, there are many problems. For example:

First, how long should amblyopic children be covered every day?

Second, can children cooperate in covering? What if we can't cooperate?

Third, the future development of amblyopia covering function?

In response to these questions, PEDIG, the largest pediatric ophthalmology organization in the United States, carried out a multicenter clinical study covering almost all common pediatric ophthalmology diseases, providing a large number of strong evidence-based medical evidence for clinical work. Nearly 200 ophthalmology institutions in North America participated, and they also answered several of the most classic questions, including covering and atropine.

How long should amblyopic children be covered every day?

For severe amblyopia, most doctors would recommend covering all day for more than 8 hours, even when the child is awake. But the question is, does it really need to be covered for so long? A related study by PEDIG counted 175 children and divided them into two groups for comparison. During the follow-up four months later, it was unexpectedly found that there was no difference between 6 hours and 12 hours of full day covering, and the effect was the same.

MDC electronic liquid crystal covering amblyopia treatment glasses (LCG)

For mild and moderate amblyopia, some people think that covering for 1 to 2 hours is enough, and some people think that covering for 3 to 4 hours is enough. So, how long should it be covered?

MDC electronic liquid crystal covering amblyopia treatment glasses (LCG)

In the same way, 189 children were divided into two groups for comparison. One group was covered for 2 hours a day, and the other group was covered for 6 hours a day. Four months later, the results showed that the improvement of vision in both groups was about 2.4 lines. This result tells us that the results of covering 2 hours and 6 hours a day for children with light and moderate amblyopia are the same.

These two studies preliminarily show that the duration of covering may not be the key factor affecting the therapeutic effect of amblyopia.

Can young children cooperate in covering? What if we can't cooperate?

Relevant investigation shows that most children under 6 years old can cooperate with covering. Under the patient guidance of parents, even if it is mandatory for children to cooperate in covering, young children often follow the requirements of parents. At the same time, when the children are young, most of them have ideal covering effect. The children's vision has changed significantly and they are willing to cooperate.

However, when amblyopic children are over 6 years old, the situation is different. First of all, amblyopic children of this age have started to go to school, have their own social groups, and begin to form self-awareness. Children tend to strongly resist this kind of covering treatment, which will obviously affect the appearance. In addition, the older the child is, the slower and more stereotyped the vision development will become, the worse the visual plasticity will become, and the less obvious the covering effect will become. This will make the child lose patience, start not to cooperate with the covering, and even deliberately escape the supervision of adults, eventually leading to the failure of amblyopia treatment.

Then, what if children can't cooperate with amblyopia coverage? In response to this problem, MDC Medical has developed Halos Brand brand electronic liquid crystal covered amblyopia treatment glasses (LCG, Liquid Crystal Glasses, medical devices officially registered by the State Food and Drug Administration) to help solve this problem.

MDC electronic liquid crystal covering amblyopia treatment glasses (LCG)

This product is characterized by the use of electronic LCD covering to replace the covering cloth, and the left and right eyes can control the opening and closing of the covering through electronic programs.

MDC electronic liquid crystal covering amblyopia treatment glasses (LCG)

In this way, from the appearance, it avoids the psychological impact of pirate eyes on children! In addition, in relevant clinical tests, the vast majority of amblyopic children think that this kind of electronic LCD covering glasses is novel and fashionable to wear (the listed products have four colors, pink, yellow, light blue and dark blue)

MDC electronic liquid crystal covering amblyopia treatment glasses (LCG)

Willing to accept electronic liquid crystal glasses for covering treatment, so that children can cure amblyopia in happiness.

It must be mentioned that the electronic liquid crystal covered amblyopia treatment glasses can replace the traditional glasses frame. For example, many amblyopic children have refractive errors such as hyperopia, astigmatism and myopia, which need to be corrected with glasses. At this time, the ametropic lens can be installed on the detachable internal refractive correction frame in the electronic LCD glasses, so that the effect of amblyopia covering treatment+refractive correction can be achieved at the same time.

Many medical researches have found that amblyopia damages not only vision, but also binocular vision. This view makes us fall into a dilemma when covering amblyopia. That is, if the covering time is long, the simultaneous use of both eyes will be reduced, affecting the establishment and recovery of binocular visual function; If the use time of both eyes is increased and the covering time is reduced, the vision cannot be improved for fear of affecting the covering effect.

How to solve this contradiction?

In fact, Haoshibang electronic liquid crystal covers amblyopia treatment glasses just to solve this contradiction. The introduction of electronic technology has created a new function of amblyopia covering, namely, time-sharing covering.

Time sharing masking mainly refers to the use of advanced electronic liquid crystal technology (LCD) to achieve millisecond level accurate timing and quantitative automatic alternative masking through electronic program control, so as to reduce parental intervention. On the basis of ensuring the same therapeutic effect as the covering cloth, it further ensures the use time of binocular vision, which has a very good effect on the establishment and recovery of binocular vision function. On the contrary, the improvement of visual function will help reduce visual inhibition and reduce the probability of amblyopia vision regression. The introduction of electronic technology will enable amblyopia coverage to achieve many functional expansion in the future, and many domestic eye hospitals have started to take the lead in relevant research.

Finally, Patching has been used for more than 270 years. From covering cloth to electronic liquid crystal covering, there is only one purpose of technology development, which is to let amblyopic children improve their vision in the shortest possible time, establish and restore complete binocular vision function. After all, amblyopia treatment is time limited...

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